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Theological Monsters: Religion and Irish Gothic

How are monsters like God? My book looks at monsters in nineteenth-century Irish Gothic literature as vehicles of divine knowledge and explorations. From Melmoth, through to Carmilla, and Dracula, I explore how monsters act as physical ways to imagine divinity. Theological Monsters will be published by University of Wales Press


HaematoPoetics: Blood and the Literary Imagination, 1818-1901

My latest academic project, currently in its early stages of planning, investigates blood at the intersection of medical discourse and theological enquiry in the period between the first successful transfusion of human blood, and the discovery of blood types.


 The Roma: A Travelling History

Forthcoming with Bodley Head in the UK and Harper Collins in the USA, my book is a place-based history, with elements of memoir, of the Romani people, from the migration out of northern India and through to the present time. Beyond highlighting the racism and oppression faced by the Roma throughout history, the book is a history of resistance and cultural endurance.



I am interested in 19th-century manifestations of the EcoGothic, and I am part of the Haunted Shores Network. Find some of the network's work and initiatives here. I hold a particular interest in Gothic literary tourism. 

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